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Cylinder Testing

Working with our network of suppliers, The SCUBA Group are able to provide both visual and hydro cylinder testing including the cylinder valve. We are also able to oxygen clean cylinders.

The time needed between tests and type of test (visual and hydrostatic) depends upon what you use the cylinder for.  
Diving cylinders require testing every 2.5 years (visual every 2.5 years and a hydrostatic every 5 years): 
For example a cylinder manufactured in October 2022 requires: 

  • a visual test - April 2025

  • a hydrostatic test - October 2027


A cylinder not used for diving (air rifle, storage vessels etc)  only require a hydrostatic test every 5 years 

Cylinders that require O2 cleaning have to be re-cleaned every 15 months. 

Scuba Rentals

How does it work? 

How do you book your cylinders in? 


Eco-Friendly Design

Simply check out the product from the shop if you know what you'd like. 


Contact us and we'll advise you, once you're happy we can arrange for you to be invoiced.


Multilingual Functionality

Once we've got them we'll keep you informed, normal turn around is a week once we've got them but we can do it faster if required. 

Any issues will be communicated straight to you. 


24/7 Support

You can drop your cylinder with us, you can post them to us or we may even be able to pick them up, the easiest thing is to come for a dive and we'll take them away afterwards! 


Advanced Tech

Once they're done, we'll get them back to you. 

You can collect, we can post them (postage fee not included in the service cost) or we may even be able to drop them off. 

Single Cylinder Servicing

Turnaround time is 10 working days and a full report is available to customers. 

Remedial works

Where your cylinder has undergone testing, there may be a requirement for remedial works to either pass the cylinder or to comply with statutory requirements. 

Enhanced works

You may require some enhancements to your cylinder, these can be added to your invoice or checked out at the same time as you select the services you require. 

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