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8 - 10 years

As an approved centre, we're delighted to be able to cater for younger divers in line with the PADI suite of courses.

PADI Bubblemaker

The Bubblemaker program is fun, easy and a safe way for youngsters to join in the family fun of scuba diving!


After some serious fun with a game of underwater frisbee, the children are given a wall certificate to show off to all their friends.


Children should be OK in the water but they don’t have to be great swimmers since the maximum depth is only 2m.

For more information or to arrange your bubblemaker experience please get in contact with us using the button below

  •  For children eight years and older who want to have fun in the pool

  •  Conducted by a DBS checked PADI Instructor

  •  No pre-training required

  •  Uses equipment made for children

  •  Typical sessions last about 1 1/2 hours (sign up, gear up and fun included)

PADI Seal Team

Children who are comfortable in the water can participate in the PADI Seal Team program, a multi-day pool diving experience.


This exciting weekly program is built around action-packed AquaMissions!

What’s an AquaMission?

It’s an underwater pool adventure where kids learn new scuba activities. Kids learn how to float underwater like an Astronaut or take pictures of each other scuba diving.

Supported by a manual and logbook, the PADI Seal Team program is broken into two parts.

Part one - AquaMissions 1 – 5;

Teaches kids the basics of diving;

  • buoyancy control,

  • mask clearing,

  • regulator recovery, etc.


After building a solid foundation of scuba skills, kids move on to part two.

After building a solid foundation of scuba skills, kids move on to part two.

Part two is full of Specialty AquaMissions. These cool dives teach kids different scuba activities including:

  • Underwater Scooter Specialist

  • Creature ID Specialist

  • Environmental Specialist

  • Inner Space Specialist

  • Navigation Specialist

  • Night Specialist

  • Safety Specialist

  • Search & Recover Specialist

  • Skin Diver Specialist

  • Snapshot Specialist

  • Wreck Specialist

As you can see, PADI Seals get to sample a wide variety of dives. And the best part of the Specialty AquaMissions, they reinforce safe diving skills while the kids are having fun. Get involved today – pool diving has never been this adventurous!

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