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Rescue Diver

The Rescue Diver course will change the way you dive – in the best possible way. Learn to identify and fix minor issues before they become big problems, gain a lot of confidence and have serious fun along the way.

There are two elements to your Advanced Open Water Qualification

Knowledge Development

Rescue Diver eLearning includes interactive lessons 

The PADI Rescue Diver course is one of the most rewarding and challenging continuing education scuba certifications you can sign up for. This scuba course teaches you how to recognize and respond to dive emergencies, administer emergency oxygen, manage accidents, and even fix common equipment problems—all while putting your mental and physical strength to the test.

Don’t let the name of the course deter you; PADI Rescue Diver training is fun! You will learn to recognize the signs of diver stress and to always be prepared to help a fellow dive buddy in need, whether it be at the surface or underwater.

*eLearning time commitment: 8-10 hours


You're a qualified diver now!


The rescue training exercises and open water dives typically take place over two days after completing the knowledge development. During the two days, you'll undergo a number of scenarios to test our knowledge and build your confidence. 


Total time commitment: 2-3 days

  • Minimum age: 12 years or older

  • Depth: The maximum depth depends on your age, but maximum depth is up to 30 metres/100 feet

What are you waiting for? 

We run this course all year round with full flexibility on dates. 


Whilst Rescue Dver is the logical step for most divers, combining this course with other elements such as those shown below  - if this is you then peruse the list to the right and let us know, don't forget we teach the full spectrum and if it's not on show it's because we've not uploaded it! 

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