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Cylinder - Hydrostatic Test (Hydro)

Cylinder - Hydrostatic Test (Hydro)


A hydrostatic test is required on a SCUBA cylinder every 5 years with a Visual Test required at the 2.5year mark. As part of the test, your valve will be serviced and the threads on the neck of the cylinder and the valve will be checked with calibrated thread gauges.


The test involves pressurising the cylinder to its test pressure (usually 5/3 or 3/2 of the working pressure) and measuring its volume before and after the test. A permanent increase in volume above the tolerated level means the cylinder fails the test and must be permanently removed from service.

  • Oxygen Cleaning

    Oxygen Cleaning is available but is NOT included in this price, however, this can be arranged during your booking in process.

  • Internal Corrosion

    If your cylinder requires Shot Blasting to clear internal corrosion, this is only identifiable once our service technician removes the valve. If this is required, the technician will advise you as soon as possible.

  • Test failure

    We reserve the right to render unusable, by any means necessary, any cylinder that fails these tests.

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