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Scuba Diver

Equipment Servicing

Looking for peace of mind? 
Is a piece of equipment not functioning optimally? 

We are able to undertake servicing to the full spectrum of SCUBA equipment in our workshop.

Regulator Servicing

Reg servicing is handled on our 'reg servicing page' 

Cylinder Testing

Cylinder testing is detailed on the Cylinder Testing Page

Scuba Rentals

How does it work? 

How do you book your equipment in? 


Eco-Friendly Design

Contact us and we'll advise you, once you're happy we can arrange for you to be invoiced.


24/7 Support

You can drop your kit with us, you can post it to us or we may even be able to pick up, the easiest thing is to come for a dive and we'll take them away afterwards! 


Multilingual Functionality

Once we've got them we'll keep you informed. Any issues will be communicated straight to you. 


Advanced Tech

Once done, we'll get your equipment back to you. 

You can collect, we can post (postage fee not included in the service cost) or we may even be able to drop off. 

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