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About Me.

My name is 

Steve Robinson

IDC Staff Instructor

I started diving in 1989 and just recently received my 30th Anniversary Achievement Award from PADI. I met my wife, Alison through diving and currently my family all dive which makes holidays especially fun. It’s a great sport that allows you to meet a lot of people and make friends for life

What's your favourite course?

Where's your favourite place to dive?

Any tips for a new diver?

If I have to choose then it would be Rescue Diver as it is a lot of fun, however any course that introduces the diver to the sea is magical!

This is a difficult one, there are so many but three that stand out for me;

St Kilda – Outer Hebrides with spectacular scenery above and below the water

SS Yongala Wreck –  sank in a cyclone off the coast of Queensland Australia in 1911 – Masses of life, fantastic night dive

Maldives – Manta rays, whale Sharks, turtles, sea snakes and dolphins

Take time to enjoy your journey, try to become independent with your own equipment and progress to Rescue Diver, you are then free to really enjoy your diving

I teach; 

First Aid 


I teach; 

EFR Primary & Secondary Care

Automatic External Defibrillator

Care for Children

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