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Dave Keany

Master Instructor

Any tips for new divers? 

My top tip is do a discover scuba dive first to make sure it's definitely something that you want to do, don't be pressured into doing something just because a partner, relative or friend wants you to.

Once you start to dive then I'd say, if it's something you're serious about, obtain your own equipment as soon as possible, there's nothing worse than hiring and getting different equipment every time you want to go for a dive.

Favourite Course?

I like teaching all the courses that I'm qualified to teach, but my favourite course to teach is the open water course. I like to see the smile on the students face after dive 4 when they realise that not only can they do it but they have actually done it.

Favourite Dive Site?

My favourite dive site is The Brothers in the red sea because there's a couple of good wrecks, large array of other sea life, good colourful corals and not forgetting loads of sharks. This is the only place that I have come across both a Whale Shark and Manta Ray on the same dive.

First Response 

EFR, EFRI, First Aid at Work

If you have a question that you'd like the team to answer then get in touch using our chat bot and we'll ask the team! 

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