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Going Diving

We're in the business of getting people diving, if you want to go and you're missing a buddy then use one of the methods below.

The Shop

We post all of the social dives as events on our website, all club members and associates are free to attend, we like to think that we're the most inclusive dive club in the North West. 

If we're going diving then you're welcome, if you want to go diving and there isn't something in the diary then let us know using either the chat bot or by email: telling us when and where you'd like to go and we'll get it posted for you, we may even join you! 


Get the App

The Spaces by Wix app is a dedicated app for you to easily engage and stay updated with The SCUBA Group site on the go and at your convenience.

Your can connect and browse our online store, send us a message, track and RSVP to events as well as read, share, and interact with blog posts or book services on the go. 

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If you're a member of our website then you've access to the Groups page, if you want to go diving then creating an event in the relevant group will make sure that other divers will see it! 

Upcoming Club Events

Not joined the club yet? 

We don't charge for people to join our club, we have the free option so you can come along, see what we're about and make a choice. 

At the end of the day, we're here to go diving and everyone is welcome as long as you're safe! 

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