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Equipment Servicing: Inventory

Equipment Servicing

Your regulator is as important as the systems on a space shuttle, it is delivering oxygen rich air to your lungs to control your body’s functions, and we all know what happens without it.

​By far this is the MOST important piece of equipment that you own, as reasoned in the above paragraph so we must take care of it accordingly. Your regulator should be serviced annually (with some brands 2 years, and we will talk about this shortly) no matter if you have 1 dive or 100 dives. Why? Because your regulator is built of many moving parts, especially o-rings which are made of either Rubber and on most or all newer regulators it will be EPDM (Oxygen Compatible to 40%). After a year the integrity of the o-rings start to diminish and the lubricants start to wear down and become stale. So it’s not a matter of “Oh but I only dove with it 4 times so I can service it in another year”, it’s a time issue. 


Using the latest tools, processes and approaches our resident technician offers our customers a top quality service, competitive rates and quick turnaround. Our fixed price servicing means that you can be confident you're getting exactly what you pay for. 

Scuba Equipment
Single Cylinder Servicing

Our single cylinder servicing includes a full service on; one first stage, two second stages, two hoses and a HP hose and gauge keeping you diving safely. 

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